5 Health Benefits of Going to a Picnic

5 Health Benefits of Going to a Picnic

5 Health Benefits of Going to a Picnic

A picnic is not just a great way of spending time with your loved ones, but they can also good for your health.

After reading these benefits of outings like picnics you will surely go for a picnic the next weekend.

1. Break up with stress over the greenery of nature

In this face paced, a busy lifestyle you don’t get the quality time to spend with your dear ones. A picnic can help you develop strong bonds. But a strong bond isn’t the only thing that comes with it. It has some strong health benefits too.

A 2010 Japanese experiment concluded that seeing greenery can plunge your stress levels. The subjects were made to spend half an hour, each day in the forest. They found that roaming in green forest significantly lowered the blood pressure, pulse rate and cortisol levels of the subjects.

2. Make your bones stronger with picnics!

A breezy sunny day can make you happy and your bones stronger. Sun provides us with vitamin D. vitamin deficiency is very common. 93% people suffer from vitamin D deficiency.

The vitamin D you get from the sun is required for maximum absorption of calcium. Calcium, as we know makes your bones and teeth stronger. Vitamin D can help in keeping bone related diseases like osteoporosis, rickets at bay.

Plus you can make all your colleagues jealous with some nice, sun-kissed skin.

3. It’s fun to be active

Some of us spend the only holiday we get sitting or lying on our bed. This makes you feel bored, inactive, and lethargic.

But spending time in fun activities like picnics can keep you active. In an enjoyable environment, you feel energetic and have an urge to participate in some activities. Seeing your little ones playing and creating ruckus around you will make you feel active too and vice versa.

Picnics can encourage active habit in adults as well as children. It motivates you to get away your electronic addiction like television, computer or games and instead be active in the lap of nature.

4. Freshness of nature can freshen you up

There is something about having an outing in fresh air. And there are many things fresh air contributes towards your health. Fresh air improves your blood pressure, heart rate, naturally cleanse your lungs, and strengthen your immune system.

Plus the fresh oxygen you get from fresh air help in cleansing of blood, making your skin glow and your face acne free. So get the maximum out of the health benefits of fresh air while enjoying your picnic.

4. Gives you “me” time

Picnics offers several social benefits. But they benefit you individually too. Picnics can be an excellent opportunity for you to spend time with yourself in the serenity of nature.

There is no need to spend the entire time chatting up a storm. You can just simply meditate for a while and can think about your life.

When you take time for yourself, you are really making space for yourself in your life—giving your mind and body a break and time to re-energize. It’s meant to be about you. It is healthy to think about yourself and lower the chances of depression.

5. You can burn some calories too!

Taking up a physical activity during a picnic with family and friends, can burn off those extra calories from your body. Activities like Frisbee throw, cricket, football, racquet game can burn loads of calories in just 1 hour and when done with a friend the one-hour passes like 1 minute.

So don’t be afraid of sweating out on a fun outing day.


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