How to Learn Kungfu from the Best in Bangaluru

How to Learn Kungfu from the Best in Bangaluru

In one of our previous article, How to Learn Martial Arts Form Which Suits You The Best, we introduced you with the most popular martial arts forms.

But we might have left this hugely popular and one of the oldest martial art form (oops!). Yes, we are talking about none other than Kungfu.

Kungfu, also known as Gungfu, is traditional Chinese martial art form which focuses on two major styles:

  • ai???Qiai??? manipulation called ai???internalai???
  • Improvement of muscle and cardiovascular fitness are called “external”

Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li etc. all owe their success to this self-defense fighting style.

Kungfu is highly popular in our city, and we have got all you Kungfu enthusiasts Ai??the best Kungfu academies that they can join and learn this highly respected and amazing martial art form.

#1 Chinese Style Kungfu


How to learn kungfu

#2 Shaolin Shi KungFu


how to learn kungfu

#3 Buhari Li Martial Arts Academy


how to learn kungfu

#4 Indian Martial Arts Kung- Fu


how to learn kungfu

#5 Blue Dragon Mixed Martial Arts Academy


Blue Dragon Mixed Martial Arts Academy

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