Last-Minute Marathon Running Tips for First-Timers

Howdy, runners! Are you all set for the marathon? Not that we want to intimidate you, but sometimes the reality turns out to be totally different from what you have expected from your marathon journey.

Ups and downs during the marathon can come to a novice as well as to an expert. But regardless of it, your goal for your first marathon is to finish it with a smile on your face.

Here are the 4 last-minute marathon running tips that you should keep in mind to accomplish your goal.

Plan the race day in your mind

During the training, your physical input should be 90% and your mind should give in the 10% to make it 100%.

But the race day is opposite of this. On the big day, it is all about your mental strength. Your mind is in charge of the race day.

Review the course map. Break it up into smaller parts so that the 26.2 distance seems less daunting. Plan the race in your mind and think your way through the course. Shorter distance and time will help you stay more focused and engaged.

Just like life, highs and lows will be a part of your race too. Keep yourself positive. Have a motto to keep you self-motivated during the race.

Donai??i??t do anything new

Being excited for the big day is natural. But this excitement can mislead you. Donai??i??t make any drastic change in your diet, training or equipment at least a week before the marathon. And DO NOT TRY ANYTHING NEW on the race day.

Practice is the time to make changes and adjustments. Every long run you did during the practice is a dress rehearsal for the race day. Stick to that routine.

Wear your most comfortable running clothes

You might get tempted to wear new shoes or clothes on the race day. But let us remind you that marathons are not a place to flash new clothes nor the new shoes will improve your race performance.

Swear by this rule of thumb of marathoning: Nothing new on race day.

Your race gear should be comfortable. New clothes and shoes can rub you the wrong way (not that wrong way!). New clothes can lead to chafing. New shoes can prove to be unfitting during a long run and you will end up with blisters, or other issues.

All these problems can hamper you from reaching your target.

Donai??i??t overload your tummy

The ai???nothing new on race dayai??? rule also applies to your food and hydration habits. On the race day, stick to one of your pre-long run meals.

Donai??i??t think that some new food might improve your performance during the race. The marathon day is not the right time to find out that some foods might not sit well in your stomach.

Hydrating your body is important. Drink plenty of water that your stomach can take before, during and after the marathon.

Last but not the least, rehearse a finishing pose so that you look like a picture-perfect champ after finishing the race. Good luck, folks.

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