10 tips to get fabulous flat abs

10 tips to get fabulous flat abs

10 tips to get fabulous flat abs

1.Posture perfect

Learn to stand and sit straight. Because slouching accentuates your stomach. Straighten up, and imagine your shoulders are tied up to a stick across it. Practice simple ways of achieving the right posture by sitting with your back straight against a chair.

Right posture


Wrong Posture:Posture-Wrong


2. Build stronger shoulders

Work on your upper body muscles. Use dumbbells upto your shoulder level , do the bench presses. So making your upper body muscles will prevent you from hunching forward.

Right shoulders (2)


3.Belly friendly activities

You don’t always have to hit the gym to have a flat tummy. Indulge in sports, do the household chores such a using vacuum, gardening, swimming and at think about giving that hula-hoop a try!

Belly Friendly (3)


4.Focus on exercises that are meant for ab-flattening.

Exercises that cater to help in flattening abs range from simple exercises such as crunches, cross crunches and goes upto some heavy duty work outs that require you to hit the gym. Yoga also does come to the rescue when you want to tone your tummy.

ABS Exercises (4)

5.Do more standing and less sitting

Avoid sitting for longer periods. When you take to standing more, you help your abdominal muscles in contracting. You also tend to be more aware of your posture. It may be a small effort, yet simple and effective.


6.Trade the carbs for whole grains and proteins

Doing this will not only promote good health, but can do wonders in helping you shed belly fat. Have a serving of lean meats, chicken sandwiches, eggs, and grilled vegetables.

Protein for carbs (6)

7. Eat slowly

Savour every bite you munch on. Eating slowly will help you concentrate on what you eat. Bigger portions, more the belly fat. So when you know what you’re eating, you have a control over the amount of food and the type of food you eat.

Eatingslow (7)

8.Kick out the bad habits

Stay away from those calorie filled cocktails. Smoking again, is never ever going to help in flattening your abs.

BadHabits (8)

9. Time to get dressy

Know your body type and wear clothes accordingly. Wearing the right fit, and cut and well-tailored clothing can make a huge difference. Choose your fabrics wisely.

DressRight (9)

10.Water. It will always be your best friend

Keeping yourself hydrated will always do wonders. Drinking plenty of water promises to foster good health. So if you want fabulous flat abs, make sure you replenish your body with some good amount of water.
StayHydrated (10)


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