5 Benefits of Coffee that you didn’t know

5 Benefits of Coffee that you didn’t know

If you are a serial coffee drinker, many people will advise you to drop it like it’s a bad habit.

Shut them out with these 5 benefits of coffee that most people are unaware of.

1. A great source of anti-oxidants

A new research has shown that coffee is actually the best source of antioxidants. Coffee contributes greatly to your total antioxidant intake, daily. Antioxidants protect your cells from oxidation, your body from heart disease, cancer and premature aging. In fact, coffee leaves behind green tea and cocoa when it comes to antioxidants.

And there is good news for caffeine watchers, too. Whether you choose a caffeinated or decaffeinated cup, you are going to gulp in the same amount of antioxidants. So relax and enjoy your coffee.

2. Ease migraine pains and headaches

Coffee can be the medicine to your migraine pains. Coffee has pain killing effect that can help in relieving migraine symptoms. Coffee even has the potential to even stop it migraine attacks.

Science behind it says that vascular headaches are caused by adenosine, a substance that dilates blood vessels. During a migraine attack, adenosine level goes up. Coffee can counter adenosine’s effect on your blood vessels. The caffeine present in coffee can constrict blood vessels, which will help in countering the painful effects of blood vessel dilation in your head.

3. Protect you against heart diseases

A landmark Dutch study analyzed 37000 people over the period of 13 years. The study found that out of those 37000 people, the one who drank coffee in moderation- consumed between 2 to 4 cups daily- had a 20 percent lower risk of heart disease as compared to non coffee drinkers and light drinkers.

The scientific reason behind the result of this observation was found to be the anti inflammatory properties of coffee. Coffee protects your heart against the arterial damage that is caused by inflammation.

4. Keeps your liver healthy

Your liver loves coffee. Yes it’s true. Coffee can lower the cirrhosis of liver, especially cirrhosis caused due to alcohol. A study in the Archives of Internal Medicine showed an inverse relation between decrease in the risk of alcoholic cirrhosis and increase in coffee consumption. The study also informs that with every cup of coffee consumed, there is a dip of 20% in the risk of cirrhosis.

Plus coffee can also lower down the blood levels of liver enzymes. Increase in the levels of liver enzymes can cause inflammation and hence can damage the liver. The scientists also found that the subjects who drank more coffee had lower levels of liver enzymes in their blood.

5. Shield your eyes

A Cornell University study showed that coffee may prevent retinal damage that is caused due to oxidative stress. Caffeine found in coffee beans consists of a very strong anti-oxidant called chlorogenic acid (CLA), which prevents retinal degeneration.

Coffee can also prevent your eyes against the eye disorder called blepharospasm. In this eye condition, the eyes keep on spasming or twitching uncontrollably, which can leave people functionally blind. It is caused by abnormal brain function. Caffeine present in coffee blocks the adenosine’s interaction with brain receptors, which slows down the metabolic activity in brain.


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