5 Drinks to Help you Burn Fat

5 Drinks to Help you Burn Fat

5 Drinks to Help you Burn Fat

Do you think just sipping on drinks will make you lose those extra kilos? A gym session followed by an energy drink is your key to weight loss? Are carbonated sugary drinks your best friends?

These are the drinking habits that should be shunned. Just drinking liquids won’t help you pace up your metabolism, which makes you lose weight. But not all drinks are no-go lands in the fight of weight losing.

We bring you 5 (+1bonus!!!) such drinks that won’t  poke out your waistline and help you say bye-bye to that extra weight.


A bottle of soda is equivalent to 100 of empty calories. Even switching to diet soft drinks won’t  help. So always keep yourself hydrated with the best thing on earth–Water.

Water is the miracle drink for your liver. Your poor liver cant process food without water. Sipping water throughout the day will speed up your metabolism, which is the key to a successful weight loss.

Plus water keeps you fuller for long, chugging out those unnecessary hunger pangs.

Honey and lime drink

Honey and lime both, naturally stimulate your metabolism. They metabolize the extra fat present in the body to be utilized as energy.

So take a glass of water (lukewarm, preferably), add a spoon of honey and squeeze a whole lime into it. Yummy!!!

Green tea

Replace your favorite tea with green tea. A research conducted by Penn State University state that Green tea modulates genes related to metabolism, as it is rich in anti-oxidants.

What makes green tea a weight loss stimulator is also the fact that sugar and milk are is not added. These two ingredients make your regular tea richer than required.

Vegetable and fruit juice

Packaged fruit juices have as many calories as sodas. Replace these with whole fruit juice or even better, vegetable juice.

Natural pulpy fruit juice provides fiber, which makes you feel full and help control hunger.

Vegetable juice contains about half the calories of fruit juice but is as nutritious. One cup of tomato juice has 41 calories, compared to 122 calories for orange juice.

Low-fat milk and Smoothies

Even energy drinks are calorie bombs. They may have added nutrients, but they are rich in calories just like soda.

So instead of an energy drink, blend yourself a smoothie. A right ingredient smoothie can also boost metabolism. Blend in half a cup of banana, strawberries, blueberries with half cup yogurt and water, and you’ve got a healthy and delicious drink.

Also, an evening workout that ends with a protein shake is a weight gainer. Our body cant digest proteins at night. Keep your protein shakes for day time. Instead have a glass of low-fat milk with some nuts.

The bonus drink-Wine!!!!

A new research has given us all the best reason to sip on wine. Most of the wines are made of dark colored Muscadine grapes. These grapes contain a chemical called ellagic acid, which slows down the growth and formation of fat cells in the body. This helps your body burn the fat faster.

But dont overdo it. If done out of moderation, it will make you lose all the health benefits.