Super Foods to shed that Flab

Super Foods to shed that Flab

gymchalo Super Foods to shed that Flab

Wanna go from flab to fab? And feel great wearing any kind of outfit? And if you want to get there real quick, then its time you stop going after those awful fatty, high calories foods

Instead, include these top 5 foods, that have been proven in effective weight loss.

So get munching on ‘em!

  1. Avocado
    These have really high fat content, but it’s all the good stuff fat that your body needs.  They provide essential fatty acids, keep our skin soft, deliver fat-soluble vitamins, and are a great source of energizing fuel. So ditch that artery-clogging trans fat, and bring on the guacamole!
  1. Cinnamon

Well, if you’re going indulge in a big glass of smoothie or sugar loaded desert, just flavor it with some cinnamon. Yes, cinnamon is one such spice that helps you burn fat. It has the power to metabolize sugar. All you need is a quarter of teaspoon of cinnamon powder to reap its benefits.44







  1. Nuts

Eat a handful of nuts per day and stop going nuts over trying to shed that flab. Almonds, cashews,groundnuts, walnuts, these are filled with nutrients that help you feel full for a longer period. They help boost metabolism by converting the thyroid hormone to its active form.










  1. Leafy greens

We all know that the greens are the good guys, they need to be a part of a your diet if you want to lose weight real quick. They are good sources of fibers ,vitamins and they are nutrient-dense. They are low in calories and are a great boost to your metabolism levels.66






  1. Lean meat and protein

Your body has to work hard to digest and process protein, which boosts your metabolism because a lot of energy is expended just to digest the protein you eat. Adding protein to every meal will give you the largest possible boost to your metabolism. Good protein sources are lean chicken, turkey, fish, and lean cuts of beef and pork. Vegetarian alternatives would include beans, lentils, and tofu.



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