6 Fitness Apps You Should Install Now

6 Fitness Apps You Should Install Now

Fitness Apps You Should Install Now

“Health isn’t valued till sickness comes.”- Thomas Fuller

With lives getting busier, the time dedicated for fitness is diminishing. People care about their phones more than their bodies. What if we say that your mobile can be your personal fitness guide?

With flagship smartphones like iPhone, Samsung, Windows, fitness is now at the tap of your fingers through apps. We have reduced your burden and made a list of the best fitness apps of 2015.

So download these 6 fitness apps right now and get that butt into action.

1. HealthifyMe

HealthifyMe is an indigenous app developed keeping Indian bodies and food habits in mind. Made by Bengaluru-based doctors, fitness trainers and nutritionists, this app use a combination of calories eaten and burnt, which helps you lose weight and get fitter.

Available on iOS, Android

Price: Free (premium membership is paid)

2. Calorie counter–MyFitnessPal

What to keep an eye on how many calories you consume every day? With the largest food database and a herculean library of over 3 million dishes and ingredients, Calorie Counter is indeed your best pal.

You can manually input what you are eating or can scan the barcode given on the product, and this app will show you how many calories have you consumed or are going to consume. It is easy to manage and will help you break up with bad food habits.

Available on iOS, Android

Price: Free

3. Nike Running

Nike Running is in reality the most popular fitness app on the planet earth. Thanks to its simple yet interactive interface, this app has achieved niche over every other app of its genre. It tracks your runs and highlights the achievements.

The app comes with a leaderboard, which drags you into competition with your friends thus keeping you motivated.

Available on: iOS, Android

Price: Free

4. Zombie, Run!

If you can’t give up your gaming console for a run, well this app is just for you. Zombie, Run! is a game integrated within a fitness app. This app will make you feel like you are in the middle of a zombie apocalypse and how will you save your life? Well yes, Run Forrest Run. It is a fun app, which won’t bore you.

Available on iOS, Android

Price: Rs. 250 (iOS), Rs. 255.17 (Android)

5. Seven–7 Minute Workout

Not everybody out there has the time to hit the gym or do hour long workout. This app is a boon for all these busy bees. Even if you don’t have 10 minutes to spare, this app keeps rounds up your daily dose of fitness in 7 minutes. 14 exercises, for 30 second each, results in an intensive workout.

Available on iOS, Android

Price: Free

6. Cardiograph

Cardiograph, as the name suggests, is an app that can be used to measure your heart rate. The app requires you to place index your finger on your device’s camera or sensor and your heart rhythm is calculated.You can save the results for future references and can make multiple profiles.

Available on iOS, Android

Price: Rs. 120 (iOS), Free (Android)


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