7 quickest ways to lose weight in 7 days

7 quickest ways to lose weight in 7 days

Want to learn the quickest ways to lose weight? Follow this 7-day diet plan for a quick weight fix.

Day #1 Sunday

Say yes to fruits

The first includes only fruits. Include as much variety as you can find in your fruit bowl. Include different colored fruits like red, yellow, green as the are rich in antioxidants.

Try to eat fruit with the peel. The peel contains most of the fiber content, which will keep you full for longer. Make sure to eat at least one citrus and one melon fruit.

Stay away from fruits like banana, mango, sapodilla etc. because they have high-calorie content.

Day #2 Monday

Say hi to vegetables

This is the vegetable day. Add a huge variety of vegetables in your plate. The variety will ensure that your body is getting all the required micronutrients. You can have boiled, grilled, steamed, baked or even raw vegetables.

Add some herbs and spices or squeeze some lemon on your vegetables to make them taste good.

Start your day with a cup of boiled or baked potato. The carbs found in potato will make sure that your day starts on high energy level.

Day #3 Tuesday

Blend in both veggies and fruits

Day 3 should be a blend of Day 1 and Day 2. Donai??i??t eat high carb fruits and vegetables like banana and potato.

Other than that, try new veggie-fruit salads without high-calorie dressings. Sprinkle a little extra virgin olive oil on the salad.

You can start your day with a black coffee or skimmed milk coffee without sugar. This will keep you energized throughout the day.

Day #4 Wednesday

Say hi to carbs

Day 4 will bring high carbs and high potassium foods with it. Day 4 is the midday and should be used to replenish your energy.

Have bananas (8 at max) and milk (4 glasses) on this day. You can also consume low-cal vegetable soups.

Try and avoid all kinds of white grain food including white rice, bread, and pasta. You can have a cup of brown rice in the afternoon if you want.

Day #5 Thursday

Say yes to proteins

It is important to eat protein if you donai??i??t want to look saggy after some weight loss. Eat low-fat Ai??paneer, curd, yogurt, and drink soy milk.

If you are a non-vegetarian, you can include 280 gm of beef and egg whites in your diet.

Day #6 Friday

Say no to alcohol

TGIF! This is the cheat day for you but in a liquid way.

This is an all liquid day. But you can add in smoothies and shakes to it. Include fresh, not pre-packed, fruit and vegetable juice. You can also have coconut water, which is a great source of potassium.

Cheat a little more and have a piece of dark chocolate. But steer clear of alcohol.

Day #7 Saturday

Say hi to fiber

Fiber keeps you sated for a long time and keeps the hunger pangs at bay. Start your day with a bowl of oats topped with dry fruits or almonds.

Along with these food practices, do cardio exercises for 30 minutes a day. Drink plenty of water to flush out all the toxins.



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