A Guide to Fitness for Workaholics

A Guide to Fitness for Workaholics

A Guide to Fitness for Workaholics

All work and no play made Johnny a fat boy

This should be the new age proverb for workaholics. Loving your job is no crime but on the verge of your health is disastrous. Your physical and mental well-being can be a deciding factor of your ability to work in the first place, so it should never be placed on the back-burner. And if you think you’re far too busy to place health on the top of your priority list, chances are your body needs a well-balanced diet and physical routine now more than ever.

Small changes in your busy schedule can do wonders.

1. Commitment

As much as you are committed to your work, start with 10% of that commitment with your body. Think ahead, plan your day: set boundaries with your time; work 23 hours but take time off for your meals and your workout.

2. Good meals can take you miles ahead

Food is fuel. If you want to make the most of your day, fuel your body early with the right stuff.Ai??Starting your day with a good breakfast boosts your energy, increases your attention span, and heightens your sense of well-being. Secondly, bring your own food to the office. This helps prevent you from skipping meals, keeps energy levels maintained and helps you avoid fast food and poor restaurant choices.

Lastly, feed your needs, not your greed. Itai??i??s easy to reach for the sweets or savories, but try keeping more healthy treats around such as nuts, fruits, and vegetables.

3. Hydrate yourself

Most people have trouble differentiating thirst from hunger. So keep a full water bottle within reach and take a swig every time you get the urge it can help curb snacking cravings.

4. Make your desk a disco deck

Stop working for 10 minutes, crank up some Beyonce and just start having a dance party around your desks. Dancing energies you because of the constant influx of the hormone serotonin. Pumps blood to the brain giving it the glucose and oxygen it needs to function well. Improves flexibility, balance, and ultimately, makes you happy.

5. Slog and jog

Take a minute from your spreadsheets, pop from your chair and start doing stationary jogging. Do it on a repeat after every half an hour.

6. Be a stair master

Avoid the elevator talks and start taking the stairs. Try taking two at a time every other flight for a real leg burn.

7. Breathe in and breathe out

Stress can lead to overeating and an increase in blood pressure. A 30-second breathing exercise can relax your shoulders and decrease your stress level.

8. Make your own office gym

  • When pay raises are nowhere to be seen, consider the leg raise. While seated, straighten your legs and hold in place for 5 seconds. Do 15 reps.
  • Completed an assignment on time? Fist punch in the air like a champ and continue for 60 seconds alternating arms.
  • Become a Flapping Penguin. Standing with arms by your sides and palms facing behind, flap your arms backwards for 5 seconds. Release and repeat for 12-15 reps.



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