E-Cigarettes the good side and bad side to it

E-Cigarettes the good side and bad side to it

E-Cigarettes the good side and bad side to it

In a world where almost everything has become digitized, people decided to make cigarettes, electronic as well. The other names by which you may have come across an e-cigarette is e-cigs, smokeless cigarettes, which are nothing but an alternative to smoking. Its deigned in such a way that you won’t be consuming nicotine, the harmful and addictive chemical found in the regular cigarettes.

To give you an insight as to what an e-cigarette is and how to works, the way it’s designed, it looks exactly like a regular cigarette. What it does, is that it converts the nicotine into vapour. And this is called vaping, where the vapour produced by an e-cig is inhaled and exhaled. The e-cig is battery powered and it does not leave behind a smoky cloud, no fire and you would not require an ash tray too!

Pretty handy right? But is it really a safe deal? You may not be smoking nicotine, but how sure are you that something more harmful may not be entering your lungs? Let’s find out!

First of all, e-cigs are FDA approved. Why? Because of the main ingredients is polyethylene glycol, which is FDA approved. People who’ve used the e-cig, especially those of you who are trying to kick the habit, and the manufacturers claim that this invention is a real healthy alternative to smoking. Tobacco is responsible to millions of deaths annually. And e-cig users have been claiming that they this thing has proved to be helpful in a lot of ways. They don’t suffer from that awful cough that’s caused by smoking, improved their senses and sleeping patterns.

Now moving onto the safety concerns of using an e-cig. It has serious withdrawal symptoms. But there is not enough known about what risks it may pose in the long run and the effect it may have on the passive smoker, i.e. people who around a person smoking. The World Health Organization says that there isn’t enough evidence to prove that e-cigs are safe. Health experts are concerned that this may draw the attention of non-smokers, and will make them give into smoking. Consumers do not really know the potential risks that these things have, what other harmful chemicals they maybe inhaling, which are the things consumers must know of. But in 2009, the U.S. FDA have found that e-cigs contained detectable levels of toxic chemicals and cancer causing agents.

With all these findings and concerns over the use of e-cigs, they are being used in large numbers. Although they do help, they still leave behind an addiction. Some countries have rules that govern the licensing and use of e-cigs. Some countries like Brazil, have entirely banned the use of e-cigs.

As the regulatory norms grow in numbers and health experts are under the pressure still trying to figure out how safe e-cigs are, those who are trying to quit smoking are taking to e-cigs and give up on smoking for good.


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