How did Arjun Kapoor Lose his Unbearable Weight?

How did Arjun Kapoor Lose his Unbearable Weight?

How did Arjun Kapoor Lose his Unbearable Weight?

Before entering Bollywood with his drool worthy 6-pack abs, this star kid used to weigh 140 Kg. He told the men’s health magazine that the manual weighing machine would take one full circle because there weren’t enough numbers on it. He couldn’t fit into airline seats, was asthmatic at 22, couldn’t run for more than 10 seconds at a stretch, and was always grumpy, sluggish.

But not anymore!!

Yes, we are talking about “The” Arjun Kapoor . Now at 85kg, this lad got a poster worthy body. Let us see how he lost his unbearable weight:

The Beginning

Arjun credits Salman for his whole transformation.

“When you live with a person who is so aware of his body, you get inspired.” He quotes stating Salman was the one who recognized his acting talent. So Arjun started training with Salman.

“I travelled with Salman Khan. We worked out together, and he kept a strict vigil on what I was eating. That man knows no pain. He psyched me into becoming a machine that didn’t do anything but lose weight. His dedication, discipline in life rubbed on me, and whatever I am today, I am like this only because of him,” says Kapoor.

salman khan and arjun kapoor

Diet Plan

There was a time when Arjun would munch on 3 burgers, a strawberry milkshake, French fries in one go. The “Gunday” actor recalls:

“Being fat was part of my life. Actually, I never wanted to lose weight, content with what I was. But I knew I was lying to myself that I was happy being this way.”

Happiness found its way to Arjun when he started sticking to a proper diet plan. Now he stays away from all the junk and sweets.

His diet includes:

  • Breakfast: Toast, four to six egg whites with an egg yolk
  • Lunch: Roti, dal, sabzi and chicken
  • Dinner: Fish or chicken and rice

Supplement: Protein shake after workout is a must.

arjun kapoor

Workout Regime

“Losing weight isn’t only about hitting the gym every day, or keeping a check on your diet. It is a combination of the two. I recognized that I have to make adjustments to my diet and if I ever overeat, I need to work it off in the gym.” says the actor.

As soon as he realized how important working out is in winning this weight loss battle, came a strict exercise regime with strong determination and will power which helped him drop 50 kgs in 4 years.

The star swears by 20 minutes of CrossFit training, which is a high-intensity full-body workout. The ” 2 States” actor says:

“When you stabilize yourself with your core, you can do any amount of lifting you want.”

His workout includes:

  • Weight training and cardio exercise
  • Circuit training
  • Bench press
  • Squats
  • Deadlifts
  • Pull-ups

arjun kapoor then and now

Being an inspiration

“NEVER GIVE UP! Patience is the key. You have to live through each day, one day at a time. Fight the bad days just like you revel in the good ones. And never set any target date.” Says the star.

From being a chubby slob to charming star, Arjun Kapoor has come a long way. So can you!


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