HOW TO HEAL YOURSELF- Fitness with yoga and meditation

HOW TO HEAL YOURSELF- Fitness with yoga and meditation

Rahul Kumar

Rahul Kumar

Healing is a kind of magic. One should understand that God has gifted us with the art of healing, but how many of us know about this. Most people do not connect healing and fitness with yoga and meditation.Some may think it is superficial, but the fact is, it’s not. There are different ways of healing and out of that one such healing is self healing. Well, here I am not talking about medication, medication is also important and it should not be ignored. If done with proper medication one may have faster results. Here I am talking about inner soul power. Well its very easy, to some of you it will sound fascinating and superficial, but once you do it, you will feel connected to your inner self

We all are busy in our lives, but one should give at least 15 to 30 minimum to their body. Most people are not aware that one can achieve fitness with yoga and meditation.The most important elements of healing are “breathing”, “imagination”, “concentration” and most important “willingness”. As the saying goes “where there is a will, there is a way” .


It’s better advised to sit alone in a room, if this is not possible, then try doing it when you are going to bed in the night. The best positions are “padmasan”, “sukhasan”, “vajrasan” or lie down straight on your back palm facing up. Take the name of God in whom you believe, if not then ignore this and follow the steps Breathe in slowly and breathe out completely, hold it for 5 seconds, breathe in slowly for 5 seconds. Repeat this for three times. Imagine a ball of white light shining above you. Take your hands up and pull it down. While you are pulling it down make sure that you are breathing in, so that all that positive energy of white ball enters your body and surrounds you as a protective circle. This circle would block all the negative energy from outside. Feel the sparkling white light entering your body and entering each and every single cell and energizing it. Keep your eyes closed and feel the energy. You may feel tickling, smile, cry, mostly you will feel like the effect of fluctuating light bulb. After reaching this state, focus on the point where you have pain. Now when you breath in imagine the healing energy is traveling to the affected spot and healing it. When you breath out, just imagine you are breathing out your pain. Do it for a few minutes. After doing it for few minutes stay in that posture for a few minutes and let the body or the affected spot heal. Get up slowly. You will feel a reduction in pain. Be thankful to GOD or the UNIVERSAL ENERGY. This process can be done to wounds also, but this does not mean that you should leave your medication. With proper medication you will have better results…

Below are video of Padmasan, Vajrasan and Sukhasan

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