How To: Judo Push-Up

1.Position your hands flat on the floor. Maintain them at a distance shoulder’s width apart.
2.Keeping your back straight fully extend your legs behind you forming the usual push up position.
3.Keep your feet wider than your shoulder’s width. Let your body be supported only by your toes and hands.
4.Start position: Take your hands in the backward direction towards your feet. Maintain the straightness of your arms though. Now arch your back upwards, such that you are looking between your feet. Make an inverted V position by your body.
5.While you exhale, arch your chest and body in the forward direction such that your hips move down towards the floor.
6.Final position: Now when you reach the start position again, straight your arms and arch your back. Doing so pushes your torso in the upwards direction such that your chest is outwards and your sight in a direction above you.
7.Now while you inhale, push your body using your hands to reach back to the starting position.



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