How to prepare for a Marathon

How to prepare for a Marathon

How to prepare for a Marathon

Run, Eat, Sleep. Repeat.


Marathons are fun. It could be for a cause, raising awareness, and a championship. It’s something all of us want to be part of. Everyone takes part, why miss out right? You don’t have to be an athlete to run a marathon. It could even be your first time, but hey! You’re taking part and that’s what matters!


So you turn out to be a person who’s never slid your feet into those running shoes. Or maybe, you took part in a marathon like ages ago. You could even be one of those who takes part in marathons quite regularly. But doesn’t mean you’re going to do really bad and even worse, collapse because of the exhaustion.

Here are a few survival tips to keep in mind and follow, before you decide to run a marathon.


Starting the actual prep

Prepare yourself mentally and physically for the run. Running a marathon is not going to anything like your daily jogs. It takes days and days of practice. Chalk out a good diet and a daily running regime.


Birds of the same feathers flock together

Find yourself a training partner. It will help in supporting and motivating you. Especially on days when you’re really exhausted and feel like giving up, there should be that someone who’s will knock sense into your head and won’t let you give up.


Going the distance

Start by extending your running distances. Increase about nearly a mile every week.  This will help you build your mileage overtime. Make sure to make these runs in a relaxed pace. Take your time until you become consistent.


Speed test

Run at different speeds over some distances. Do short distance runs at a faster pace and long distances at lower pace. This will help you physically and mentally be prepared to withstand the hard work over a longer period of time.


Give your legs and body some TLC

Yes, you need to allow your body to rest. Mark your calendar with rest days, and relax. But if you’re feeling restless, do something light like a nice evening brisk walk, yoga, swimming, etc.


Time for some sports gear shopping

Go to sports store, and pick up some light weight shoes in which you’re comfortable in. Also, make sure to pick out the appropriate clothing depending on the weather. And do not wear clothes that makes your body suffocate. Wear clothes that allow your body to breathe.


Watch what you eat

Your diet should be rich in proteins, carbs, low fat and how can you miss out – drink plenty of water. A few hours before the run, eat a meal which is high in protein and low fat, such as yogurt smoothie, some fruits or a chicken sandwich.


During the run

HYDRATE!  That’s the first and foremost thing you’ve got to do. Stash some easy to carry energy chews, even an energy bar will do. Don’t gulp down water at the aid stations. Drink water or energy drinks at a comfortable place.



Slow and steady

You don’t have to run like Usain Bolt! You’re running a marathon. Never start at a fast pace. Its easy to get caught up in the race-adrenaline, but you’ll have a long way to cover as the miles go. So save your energy for that.


After the race

Right after the race, have lots of water. Allow your muscles to relax. And eat light food. Take a few days off. Hit the spa, pamper yourself and rest well.




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