Success Stories- Kulwinder Singh

Success Stories- Kulwinder Singh

Success Stories- Kulwinder Singh from Amritsar aged 23 defied all the odds to overcome and achieved his goal.
Lets hear it from him itself.

Q. What inspired you to make that change?
A- I was “120 kg” fat ugly Aimless boy before !!! I was a topper till 11th standard … Due to my Fatty physique i lost all my confidence and went in Depression state for 4 months … Due to this i was failed in my 12th Board exams.. I lost all my hope after that… But then my Father supported me a lot and joined gym with me for 6 months.. At that period of my Transformation i was totally cut off from social life and even relatives…. when i saw some good results i become mad about being fit and healthy at any Cost !!! I lost 40 kg in 1 year I had not only become physically strong but i gained my Confidence and Positive attitude back !!!

Q. Had you tried before?
A- Yes i tried 3-4 times but failed everytime !!!

Q. What was the biggest challenge?
A- Biggest challenge was to Make my physique not only slim but to shape it well structured !!! Believe me it is not easy job to reduce your waist size from 45 to 32 !!!!

Q. When did you see the changes?
A- When i joined gym, i didn’t saw any changes for 1 week … I was like “it’s not my cup of tea, i can’t do it” !! But my father never let me Quit !!! I started pushing my limits after that, then after 3 weeks i started loosing weight and Some stubborn fat


Q. What is the biggest gain?
A- Biggest Gain is my “SELF CONFIDENCE” and “POSITIVE ATTITUDE” !!! If you beleive you can, YOU CAN ✔️

Q. What workout routine has worked best for you?
A- 1 hour Cardio and 1 hour Hardcore weight training !!! Q. What is your diet like? A- Personally, i didn’t follow any specific diet for 1 year… I was just avoiding Fried food, fast food and Sugary items… But then after 1 year i started taking 6 meals per day according to body weight !!!

Q. What is your supplementation like?
A- Whey protein, Pre workout, BCAA , glutamine, Vitamins, L-Argenine

Q. What is the most important thing you learned?
A- I learned that No matter what Never ever QUIT at any cost !!!! If you have a dream, give it a deadline and make it a stubborn GOAL and give your 100 % to achieve !!! Keep your mind Positive and surround yourself with Positive People

Q. If you had to pick only 3 exercises, what would they be and why?
A- SQUATS – Because it’s like a Drug for me !! I love Big and strong legs !!! And muscle soreness after legs day is a bliss for me
DEADLIFT – Same as Squats, I love this hardcore Exercise.
LEG PRESS – i just love this exercise !! I always feel pleasure pushing extreme weights with my Legs

Q. What’s your future plans? A- I am a aspiring Fitness model… Want to change people’s life just like my life was changed !!! I want to inspire as many as people i can !!! And soon i will become a Certified Personal trainer !!!

Q. Who inspires you?
A – My father And My Guru Ji ( Arun Sharma Sir And Vishal Sharma Sir ) This answer is tricky one … But i do Real talk, My inner voice to become a shinning star in Fitness industry Inspires me

Q. What is to be you on a normal day?
A- on a normal day i love to hangout with my Best buddies and yeah i will not lie i am thinking about lifting on normal days

Q. Any messages?
A- My message to all the people who are feeling Aimless or are feeling down in their lives !!! “Don’t Seek any type of sympathy guys from anyone !!! No one wants to see you grow !! Only your parents are going to stand with you in your bad time !!! Stop feeling sorry for your condition and Get up and start doing !!!! Keep Your mind Positive and Never ever give up on yourself !!! Set a Goal for yourself !!! Then start working on it !!! You are not here in this world to be an average person!!! Make the Shit real #GoHardOrGoHome #gymchalo



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