Cross Fit Rig 14ft

 328,000.00  219,000.00

  1. Dimension: L 14ft XW 6.5ft XH 9ft.
  2. Since the advent of the high-intensity interval training phenomenon, cross-training rigs with multiple pullup bars barbell pegs and attachments for a wider range of functional training implements have become an essential piece of equipment for gyms and also for home users.
  3. Powerpoint spots are provided on one side on rage.
  4. The equipment is made of the best quality, finely finished square, rectangular and round heavy-duty steel pipes.
  5. These are well recognized for their features such as corrosion resistance, premium functionality, low maintenance, robust construction, and enhanced durability.
  6. The equipment is powder-coated.
  7. High-quality bolts and nuts are used for assembly.
  8. High-quality rubber boots are used at the ends of the base pipes to avoid damage to the gym floor.

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Cross Fit Rig
The Crossfit Big Indoor Rig combines the strength and versatility of our standard Rigs, with one of the fundamentals of the military training camps.
The fly bars at both ends and the set bars in the center create a new challenge for athletes looking to cross the rig, providing a more intense test for the training of the upper body and core.
The structure is made of tubular iron with a rectangular profile to increase the loading capacity suitable to support large loads, ensuring extreme solidity, powder coating with excellent finishing quality and resistance to wear.
Because we design and build all MSF equipment ourselves and have a reputation for innovation, we are often asked to create custom training equipment to meet very specific needs. If you need expert advice, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our experienced staff will help bring your ideas to life.

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