Success Stories- Ripuraj Oberoi

Success Stories- Ripuraj Oberoi


Ripuraj Oberoi as to his loved ones (Chopsy), a fashion designer by profession from Pune aged 29 shares his success story, en-route to Fitness and inspiring others to take up fitness.

What inspired you to go for that change?
Being a sports fanatic since my school days, always had a dream to have an athletic body, footballer kind of lean toned physique, so initial inspiration came from there.

What was the biggest challenge?
Coming from a family where every single member is working full time, preparing diets to match my macros was one of the major challenges and setting meal replacements on hectic working days, but with time I learned.

When did you start seeing the changes?
Post 6 weeks is when I started feeling a change but around week 9-10 is when friends n family around me noticed me change physically (facially too).

What is the biggest gain?
feeling Good! is your biggest gain in life, it’s not necessary to have the right aesthetics, but also feel good from within.

What workout routine has worked best for you?
Early morning suited me best as I felt really energetic for my day with amazing blood rush n all my meals settling in well, which eventually got me tired by night to sleep on time too, late evening workouts weren’t my best experience.

What is your diet like?
Mainly it’s all protein based n comparitively low on carbs, protein(chicken,eggs,fish,tofu,paneer,cheese, sprouts n pulses n nuts) fats(olive oil,cheese, paneer, butter) I avoid simple carbs like sweets wheat rotis and rice, mainly fiber rich carbs like cornflakes in skimmed milk, brown rice, tho I have a massive sweet tooth, an occasional dark choc 😉

Q. What is your supplementation like? (if any)
Whey protein, 100%whey n currently using iso whey proteins, personally using dymatize iso, tastes good.


Q. If you had to pick only 3 exercises, what would they be and why?
Dead lift, squats n bench press, mainly as these 3 exercise work a lot of muscle besides back legs n chest, they help strength the core too n I guess takes enough from your body to perform .

Q.What are your future plans?
Plan to keep inspiring m helping friends around as fitness is my most keen hobby n passion.

Q.Who inspires you?
My mentor, Prafull and friends from S.Q.U.A.T.S group too.

What is it to be “you” on a normal day?
Honestly I did not know the term macros before I joined this group, just kept learning, still I haven’t calculated my macros n sometimes routine also goes here and there, but mainly it goes 8am warm water with lemon n honey, 8.30 corn flakes in skimmed milk(half cup) workout from 9.30-11am, post workout 1 multi grain bread with peanut butter, 2 full eggs, and protein shake, then lunch around 2pm consists any home made dal with little brown rice and 4 egg whites, 5 pm apple, 8 pm approximately 150gm chicken grilled mostly and 10:30 protein shake and then sleep around 12.30 pm, it’s still little flexible, but mostly like this 🙂

Any messages?
Sports and fitness teaches you a lot about life too, everyone should engage in it in any form possible. Gymchalo



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