Summer-proofing yourself against the heat

Summer-proofing yourself against the heat

Summer-proofing yourself against the heat

Summer. When you think of summer, the first thought that comes to your mind is to take plunge into the pool. Go out to the beaches, slathering some good sunscreen, have an endless supply of ice in your refrigerators and sip on a lot of refreshing summer friendly drinks.

Summers are not always merry and make you light spirited. The summer heat is one of the biggest weather hazards. It can get really deadly and brings in an array of heat illnesses like heat strokes, sun burns, heat cramps, etc. Soaring temperatures can make you feel extremely tired and dehydrated.

Although our body temperatures are generally towards the warmer side, there are other factors that cause the heat to go up. This can turn into a lethal combo when the temperatures hit an alarming rate. Perspiration is a natural way by which the body cools off, but then after a certain point, the body loses its ability to cool off because of the body sweat and begins to fall victim to the overpowering heat.

Since the heat waves can get deadly at its peak, its often nick named as “the silent killer”, “angry summer” and so on in different parts of the world. This is something you really need to watch out for.

A heat wave is basically a period of excessive heat that lasts for a few days, and prolonged exposure to such conditions can leave you feeling sick. While it could make you ill and cause extreme health issues with exposure to the heat in over one afternoon, heat stress on the body does have a cumulative effect.


So what’s the best way to protect yourself from the heat? Its water. Make water your best friend and stay hydrated all the time.
Here are a few tips to beat the heat and stay cool this summer,
– Water. Drink tons and tons of water and don’t let the heat get to you.
– Have fruits with a good amount of water content like watermelons, oranges and the likes

– Drinks with caffeine content and alcohol is like a big no! Switch to healthier fruits drinks, vegetable smoothies and some cold milkshakes

– Do not ever exercise if you don’t consume ample amount of water. This can cause a lot of fatigue.
– Bring out those summery cotton clothing and skin friendly products.
– Be sure to use a UV protection sunscreen with an spf 30 at least.
– Be indoors as much as you can to avoid the scorching heat.



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