The Best Liquids that wonai??i??t Leave you Starving on a Liquid Diet

The Best Liquids that wonai??i??t Leave you Starving on a Liquid Diet

It is not easy to starve yourself. AT ALL. Diets are insufferable especially when they turn restrictive like liquid diets.

That is why we have brought you these liquids that wonai??i??t leave you so famished that you start eating your own toes.


ai???Water water then why not to drink it?

Water is the founding member of any clear liquid diet. This miracle liquid would not only make you eat less, but it also helps you shed those extra kilos.

It makes you feel fuller so that you end up eating less. A full stomach is sated and will suppress the hunger during the diet.

Green Tea

Green tea and weight loss go hand in hand, literally!

buy prazosin, buy prazosin, buy prazosin, buy prazosin, buy prazosin, buy prazosin, buy prazosin, buy prazosin. Green tea comes loaded with antioxidants, particularly catechins. Catechins contain a Ai??substance called EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate), which helps in increasing the rate of your metabolism.

A faster metabolism increases calorie burning and will shrink your belly faster.

Orange Juice, Yogurt and Banana Smoothie

Smoothies are a great companion of liquid diets. Home blended smoothies contain natural sugar and your favorite fruit which makes them healthy and yummy too.

Rather than cheating on your diet with carbonated and sugary drinks or packed juices, blend yourself an OJ-Yogurt-Banana smoothie.

This delicious drink is an epitome of health and taste. The goodness of potassium-filled banana will shrink your waist. Yogurt and OJ will help you lose the love handles.


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Get high on your liquid diet with coffee!Ai??Coffee is the home to caffeine. Caffeine speeds up the metabolism.

Wait, that isnai??i??t all. Caffeine is a wonderful appetite suppressant. It provides you with an energy boost too, which will keep you naturally more active during the diet period.Ai??An active you will obviously shed calories in the process.

Vegetable Juice

Sounds weird? Well, it is not.

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Vegetables like carrot, cucumber, spinach, beetroot, bottle gourd etc. are high in fiber content. Fiber fills you up pretty fast and keeps your stomach full for long.

Plus, these veggies got tons of potassium in them. Potassium is a one of the key nutrients when it comes to weight control.

Just keep it low of salt. Salt leaves your belly bloated, which is bad when on a diet.

Hot Broth

You know what seems hotter than Brad Pitt when you are on a diet? A warm bowl of Broth. Heaven!

A hot, broth-style soup fills you up fast. Plus, it also helps in reducing your calorie intake too.Ai??Broth soups can satisfy comfort food cravings for you.Ai??Most comfort foods like mashed potatoes, cheese, meat, sugary drinks, candies, chocolate etc. come packed with loads of calories.

Broth gives your body and brain the same cozy, relaxing and homey feel that these comfort foods provide. Plus, it comes without the calorie bomb. Win!

Ginger and Peppermint Tea

Though some like it hot, we have heard that abs like it spicy!

Both ginger tea, as well as the scent of peppermint tea, acts as appetite suppressants.Ai??Plus, the herbs help in better digestion, which can boost up your metabolism. Just mix a A? teaspoon filled with the dried herb into a hot water mug.


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