The Dangers of Being Skinny Fat

The Dangers of Being Skinny Fat

The Dangers of Being Skinny Fat

You aren’t toned but hey you are thin. You eat everything and never put on fat. While other people are getting fat and you are getting lucky. But the thing is thin people can sometimes carry the most dangerous kind of fatai??i??and not know it. These people are suffering from  skinny-fat epidemic.

These types of people are everywhere. They are the one who eat all the junk in the world, won’t  even move a muscle and still won’t  put on an ounce. These are the people categorized as TOFI–thin outside fat inside–or in medical terms, MONW–metabolically obese normal weight. A person having normal BMI but high level of body fat can be termed as MONW.

So…what is skinny fat actually?

An obese person looks fat because of subcutaneous fat. Subcutaneous fat is the fat that is directly under the skin.  This is why it is visible outside the body too.

The hidden fat that cannot be sought is called visceral fat. This fat sits on the inside, surrounding the vital organs such as the heart, liver, kidneys, and pancreas. This type of fat is detected with the help of MRI scan or abdominal ultrasound.

Most of the skinny-fat people have visceral fat. Mind that obese people suffer from both. This unwanted guest is a silent killer. It can contribute to diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, leptin resistance, inflammation, high blood sugar level, higher testosterone production in women, lower in men and can lead to chronic diseases like cancer. A recent study has shown that children and teenagers who have type 2 diabetes are MONW.

How does one develop skinny fat?

There are loads of factors that can push you towards TOFI. The biggest culprit is: sugary drinks and processed food. These foods are so high in additives, sugar, and preservatives that they trigger visceral fat to grow within.

If eating is a crime not eating is a sin. Even dieting and eating poor nutrition food have the same effect. Dieting can make you lose weight quickly but leave you metabolically sick.

Lack on any type of activity and exercise can also be the lead factor. That cute little belly pooch of yours is a creepy killer. Lack of adequate sleep can lead to emotional stress, a poor concentration, and impaired organ function. High alcohol consumption, smoking, and excessive medications are also included.

How to prevent skinny fat?

Just hitting gym will not help you fight MOWN. A 2012 study that showed that overweight people can be fit too. It is better to be fit fat than being skinny fat. So, how to prevent being TOFI? Little things can help: (Read: 9 Daily Habits to Keep your Weight in Check)

A strong metabolism can help you prevent having visceral fat. Clean organs lead to a healthy metabolic system. A high whole grained, plant-based and nutrient rich . dietwill keep visceral fat at bay. Include raw vegetables, salads, and whole fruits in your diet.

Although a low-carb diet cannott be followed by everyone, one must avoid or eliminate processed sugar, packaged food, oily food, and carbonated drinks totally from their diet.

Along with fixing your food habits exercise will also help. A regular 10-15 minute of right exercise will be effective in as it helps you lose weight which helps to reduce visceral fat.

Avoid smoking, alcohol and stress and try having at least 8 hours of sleep every day.