The Extraordinary Fitness of Milind Soman

The Extraordinary Fitness of Milind Soman

The Extraordinary Fitness of Milind Soman

You know how Ironman celebrates his silver jubilee? By swimming 3.8-km, ridding 180.2-km on a cycle and running 42.2-km in just a little over 15 hours.

Yes, we are talking about our own Ironman, Milind Soman, who just won the Ironman triathlon- one of the worlds toughest race, held in Zurich. The 50-year-old actor-model completed the triathlon in just 15 hours 19 minutes.

So, let us see how this not-so-old-but-gold actor achieved the title with just 2.5 months of training.

The Mer-man-maid

Milind started his journey to fitness with swimming. He held the Indian National Swimming Championship title for four years. He would train for 3- 5 hours a day, 5 days a week. Milind says that swimming keeps core muscles in check, revitalizes internal organs, tones the body and reduces fat. He finds swimming a really fun activity as it always uplifts the mood. Though he doesn’t swim as much now but let us just take the hint and start hitting the pool ASAP!

Run baby run

The made in India  model is a sucker for running. He has a Limca record for running 1,500 km in 30 days time. But there is a story behind his love for running. Milind started smoking to cope up with the stress of the glamour world. That is when the Mumbai marathon came in for rescue. From then onwards Milind started participating in half and full marathons held all over India. Now he runs every single day in the midst of!

The Man-licious Diet

He eats everything except refined sugar. He loves GHEE in everything he eats. Starting his day with two large masala dosas, he sticks to simple Maharashtrian lunch- a meal of roti, vegetable,pulses, and curd which he considers balanced, nutritious and not heavy on the stomach. Dinner is more or less the same and is his last meal for the day. His biggest craving: banana. Milind hates eating any fruit other than bananas!

the mantastic milind

The Mantastic Milind

Mammas boy

Soman credits his mother for inspiring and encouraging him to take sports seriously. As he belongs to a family of doctors and professors, he was asked to leave sports and concentrate more on studies as a child. But it was his mother who stood by him and supported his involvement with athletics. And today he is the ambassador of Pinkathon, Indias biggest women only marathon!

Water–the best friend

Milind says that drinking the right amount of water every day is important and that you must drink more than required or else it will affect your health. That explains his still acne free face accompanied with natural glow!

Success is Just a Breath Away

Milind says that not breathing right is a problem faced by most of the world today and he finds it absolutely appalling. Breathe right and you will feel uplifted. He suggests swimming as a cure

because it causes strain to breathing giving the lungs their much-needed workout.

Push your limits

Milind, initially, wasn’t interested in the triathlon as he didnt like cycling at all. Cycling was the only roadblock in his way to becoming the Ironman. But kudos to his physical, mental, emotional, spiritual spirit, Milind motivated and disciplined himself to cycle every day and learnt cycling in a short time of just 2.5 months.

The Ironmans Advice

Slow and steady wins the race. Never overwork yourself but focus on your goals and what you would like to achieve while responding to your body.



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