The What, Why, and When of Weight Lifting Straps

The What, Why, and When of Weight Lifting Straps

Weight lifting straps are considered as a useful tool for weight training. These straps allow the lifter to lift some of the weight using their wrists so that they can hold onto it for a longer time.

Today we are going to discuss the what, why, when and how of weight lifting straps.

What are Weight Lifting Straps?

Weight lifting straps are the straps that help you hold the weight in your hand. These straps are generally 1″ to 1-1/2″ wide, 12″-18″ long.

There are many variations available depending on the material used in them. They are made out of leather, canvas, or nylon and also come with hook-and-loop fasteners.Ai??

The primary of these straps is to help your hands to pull the weights from the blocks cytotoxic misoprostol comprar, cytotoxic misoprostol comprar, cytotoxic misoprostol comprar, cytotoxic misoprostol comprar, cytotoxic misoprostol comprar, cytotoxic misoprostol comprar. when they start getting tired. Weight lifting straps are used with all pull portions of these two Olympic lifts –

  • The Clean and Jerk
  • The Snatch.

Why use Weight Lifting Straps?

Weight lifting isnai??i??t about grip only. The way you lift it plays a major role.

Grips get weakened after some time. It can be due to lack of grip strength, sweating or grip fatigue.Ai??Loosed grips can result in slipping of weights, form and posture getting disturbed. All this can result in injuries.

Using lifting straps, you can lift and handle weights despite a shaky grip and can prevent injuries.

When to Use Weight Lifting Straps?

You might have gained enough strength to start lifting more heavy weights, but your hand grip might not be strong enough to hold weights for exercises such as deadlifts, weighted pull-ups or shrugs.

This is when you should start considering to use the lifting straps. Weightlifters at different levels should use lifting straps only in accordance to their need.

  • Beginning Lifters:

They should not use straps for at least 3 months. Focus on developing a strong grip strength first.

  • Intermediate Lifters:

They should use straps during the warm-up sessions of pulls and deadlifts only. Always remember to use them off the blocks.

  • Advanced lifters:

They should not use lifting straps for 1-2 weeks out from the competition.

How to use Weight Lifting Straps?

Using Lifting straps is a little confusing at first. It is important to learn and practice these steps to know how to use the Lifting straps properly.

  • Buy a well-sewn pair of lifting straps. At first, start with heavy-duty cotton Lifting straps Ai??and them move to leather straps.
  • Form circles by threading the ends of the straps through the loops.
  • Put the straps on. Slide your wrists through the circles such that the end of the straps hang down along your fingers. Pull on the ends of the straps to fit them snugly around your wrists.
  • Wrap the ends of the strap around the bar of the weight. Start with the underside of the bar. Wrap the strap over the top and under, from back to front.
  • To hold the straps in their place, wrap your hands over them.
  • If you’re uncomfortable, re-wrap the straps.
  • Roll the bar toward you until you feel the straps pull on your wrists and are tight.
  • Now lift the weights. Do not force your wrists to hold the entire weight. It can injure your wrists.



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