Top 10 Sports that can Keep you Totally Fit

Top 10 Sports that can Keep you Totally Fit

Top 10 Sports that can Keep you Totally Fit

Bored of hitting the same monotonous gym? We got you top 10 sports that will keep you fit without being a bore.

1. Running

If you don’t want to involve any equipment in your sports, running is the one for you. Running is one such support that can be done anywhere and at anytime- it can be indoors on a treadmill or outdoors in a ground.

Running involves loads of sweating and can bring your weight down. Running can burn nearly 1,200 calories an hour with an 8 mile per hour pace.

2. Cycling

Cycling is good sports option as it is fun. Cycling helps in building stamina, tone up the muscles, help you lose weight, keeps your heart active and healthy, build strength and reduce stress.

Cycling is the best medium to get those sexy toned legs and it also reduces your paunch. On an average, with moderate efforts involved, cycling can burn up to 650 calories per hour.

3. Swimming

Swimming involves all of your body in it. Your upper and lower body muscles are worked into extremities during swimming. Along with this, swimming is a brilliant aerobic exercise and it is easy on your joints too.

Swimming is an excellent calorie burning activity, with strokes like breaststroke and freestyle burning up to 863 calories an hour.

4. Dancing

Well, it is not a sport per se. But I think we can have some exceptions here.

Dancing is too much fun. And what’s better if it helps you lose weight? Dancing for just 30 minutes can give the required amount of exercise you need for a day.

Dancing improves flexibility, strength, maintain posture, balance, lifts up your mood and on an average burns 390 calories per hour.

5. Frisbee throw

An easy and swift sport, Frisbee can be played by anyone, with anyone and anywhere. Besides being easy and fun, Frisbee has its health benefits too.

Throwing Frisbee can be tagged as a good cardiovascular exercise. It involves loads of movement of thigh and arm muscles. Frisbee can improve balancing, landing and horns your eye-hand coordination.

In general, 204 calories are burned per hour in playing Frisbee.

6. Tennis

Tennis is a combination of many intense actions like running, taking a shot, taking a service, coordination of your brain with your body. Tennis is a demanding sport. It need muscle strength and good cardiovascular system. Playing tennis will help you build a strong body and cardio system.

Playing tennis can burn up to 480 calories per hour.

7. Badminton

People, who are not in the habit of regular exercise, should take up badminton. It is easy and fun to play. An hour of into this game goes like minutes, burning about 450 calories.

Along with burning calories, badminton helps in keeping diseases like cholesterol, diabetes and blood pressure at bay. It also improves your metabolism.

8. Boxing

Want to participate in a sport that will work up all the muscles of your body–l0egs, shoulders, hands, mid section, arms, back–at the same time?

Well, join Boxing! Boxing is a whole body workout and build muscle strength and aerobic fitness. It helps you burn about 727 calories in an hour.

9. Parkour

One sport that is gaining immense popularity is Parkour. This sport demands a variety of different movement patterns, each of which are incredibly demanding on the core muscles.

An hour of Parkour can burn 700 to 1000 calories.

10. Football

Being a continuous game, football is extremely beneficial for building up fitness. It involves loads of running, leg movements and tests your real time skills.

An hour of this game can burn up to 1200 calories.


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