What International Model, Emily Skye, has to Tell You About Fitness

What International Model, Emily Skye, has to Tell You About Fitness

What International Model, Emily Skye, has to Tell You About Fitness

She may not be as popular as a celebrity, but social media fitness guru Emily Skye is a celebrity for her 4 million Facebook followers. Oh! My mistake. She’s popular!

Emily Skye is Australia’s top social media fitness guru. A former model, Emily left the industry 5 years ago due to her terrible eating and exercising habits.

Seeing the effects of her habits on her body and mind, Emily left it all and switched to a healthy lifestyle. Now a personal trainer, she wants to inspire teenagers to take up healthy living.

Here are some of the rocking fitness tips from her.

The thumb rule—clean eating

Emily swears by clean eating. Clean eating means an intake of whole and fresh food. Vegetables, fruits, lean meat, good carbs and fats taken in their organic form are clean foods.

Emily also advises to keep clear of anything that comes in a packet. A processed and packed food contains a high level of sodium and refined sugar. She says it is important to cut down sugar and prepare healthy homemade meals to stay away from packed food.

Ms. Skye also warns people against low-fat food. “These foods actually contain more chemicals, salt and sugar and are synthetic.” Not a good option for cutting pounds!

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So no to diets

For Emily diets are a no go zone. She believes that for temporary weight loss, being strict and depriving yourself of food is too harsh.

She says- “When the diet ends and you return to normal routine, your body starts piling up pounds at even a faster pace. Diets are not only unhealthy and not maintainable but they also damage your metabolism, which may lead to gaining more fat than what you started with!”

Make friends with carbohydrates

Emily states, “We need carbohydrates so that our body and mind keeps functioning properly. Our body starts going into ketosis if it doesn’t get the required amount of carbs needed. Our body then uses “fat storages” as energy because it doesn’t get the glucose from carbs. This may seem good, but it is actually dangerous. You start feeling sick, lethargic & your brain might slow down.”

Emily recommends foods like sweet potato, brown or basmati rice, oats, quinoa as they the good carbs.

Fats aren’t your enemy

“Fats will not make you fat. Good fats are very important to include in your diet. Fats help your body, brain and organs to function properly. Good fats provide energy to the body and helps in rebuilding cells and trigger production of hormones”, advises Emily, as most of the people who want to lose weight thinks of fats as taboo.

Good fats like nuts, olive oil, flaxseed oil, coconut oil, avocado etc should be included in your everyday diet.

Do’s and don’ts of exercising

Emily believes that there are many misconceptions around regarding physical training. She says that fitness isn’t all about just exercising. “Overtraining causes stress to your body and may push it into freeze or fawn mode, which can cause it to store fat”

She also breaks down the fib about strength training. Lifting weights don’t bulk up women. Weights actually help in burning fat faster, whilst sculpting and shaping the body. She also says that strength training aren’t dangerous. “Any exercise, whether lifting weights or cardio can be dangerous if not done properly.”


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