Why You Should Play a Sport after Office Hours

Why You Should Play a Sport after Office Hours

Why You Should Play a Sport after Office Hours

We all know that being a couch potato is bad. So is sitting in a chair for 12 hours. Long office hours and zero movement are playing havoc to our body. Most of us are in professions that demand to sit for at least 15 hours in an AC room in front of a screen and voila a perfect recipe for disaster.

Sitting for longer than 8 hours can cause:

  • Posture problems: Strain in neck and shoulder, lower back pains.
  • Muscle degeneration: Weak abdominal muscles, fall in hip mobility.
  • Leg disorder: Weak bones, less blood circulation in legs.
  • Brain damage: Slow brain functioning, less blood renewal and oxygen (this is why you YAWN! every now and then).
  • Organ damage: Organ like heart and pancreas are affected due to slower blood flow.
  • Digestive system: Bloating, cramping, heartburns, constipation.

And you know what is more damaging: sitting in an AC room for such a long period of time. AC removes humidity from the air. Water is essential for blood flow, functioning of skin and elasticity. Dry AC air leaves your skin chapped and flaky making it prone to creases and wrinkles. Thus it fuels your ageing process.

Sitting in your office makes you vitamin D deficient. 93% of people suffer from extremely low levels of vitamin D. This is due to the limited or no exposure of your skin to sunlight and can lead to chronic diseases.

Though workaholics can follow a fitness regime during office time (read: A Guide to Fitness for Workaholics) playing a sport can make a difference to your hectic life


Playing a sport is a winning combination for your mind, body and spirit.

It is the best way to remain fit. You may not get those 6 pack abs, but you are getting an overall fit body. It keeps you active on a regular basis hence lowering your mortality rate. So, stay fit! Live long!

An active body results in an active brain. Sports also help you fight anxiety, depression and uplifts your mood and senses.  Thus playing sports help you with overall personality development.

Boost self-esteem

Boost is the secret of our energy.ai??? Maybe true for Sachin Tendulkar, but your energy is the secret of your boost. Being happy due v. to promotion or being sad/angry because of a grumpy boss are all energies.

Sports help you channelize surplus energy, negative or positive as playing boost endorphin the feel good enzyme that uplifts plummet self-esteem, build higher confidence and positive body image.

So, rather than going home straight from work with all that energy be a a sport bud.

Team play

If Carlsberg club glasses did board meetings?Ring a bell? Sports teach you how to be a team. It teaches you cooperation, socializing, accountability and builds your confidence. So rather than sitting in a monotonous board room for a meeting, book a sports ground or an event and start playing your meeting.

Sweating in fresh air

Playing outdoor sports expose your body and mind to fresh air. Fresh air is good for digestion, cleanses the lungs, makes immune system strong and purifies the blood.

Sweating flushes out the toxins in the body, replenish skin and make it healthy and acne-free.

Un-shun the sun

Exposure to sunlight increase oxygen content in blood, lowers blood pressure, builds the immune system, kills bad bacteria and sun rays of a setting sun gives ample supply of vitamin D to your body.